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As Director of The Reading Hut Ltd and Ortho-Graphix® Project Manager I am delighted to have won a national award from Innovate UK, the UK’s Innovation Agency: funding will support "Growing Word Wings", which aims to empower non-speaking children by providing them with a voice, bypassing the conventional need for spoken words and addressing the critical literacy challenges faced by children with speech, language, and communication needs (SLCN).
Children connect with specialists who understand their brains and desire for playful self-directed learning. 

Ortho-Graphix®, at its core, facilitates more personalised and intrinsically rewarding language and literacy learning for each individual within the neurodiverse home or classroom setting. Less teaching, more learning.

I'm a late-diagnosed neurodivergent woman, not constrained by conventional thinking, with a passion for children and a burning desire to ensure that every child feels heard and is able to access more words! -  language that excites them and enrich their lives. Connections through ‘Speech Sound Mapping’ that offers freedom and choices in life, regardless of challenges.

Thank you to those who are willing to ‘connect’ with me, as new to platforms such as LinkedIn and if you, too, are obsessed with ‘tech to learn your own way’ and about embracing different voices, I would love to hear from you. Let's connect a build a new Village in the Clouds community of professionals with the shared vision of a neurodiversity paradigm shift in which labels such as "disability" "difficulty" or "deficit" are reframed with a diversity perspective that takes into account both strengths and weaknesses and the idea that variation can be positive in and of itself. 

‘Miss Emma’
‘The Duck Hands Lady’
MEd SEN Doctoral Student. 

New support group: Navigating Our Orthographic Interference as Skilled Readers to Excel as Neuro-Inclusive Teachers of Orthographic Knowledge.

- Latest Ortho-Graphix® projects

A Clickable library: SEE the graphemes, HEAR the phonemes, and develop phonemic & orthographic awareness along the way - so they can say ‘I Can Read Without You!’ with the 1,2,3 and Away! (Village with Three Corners) series.
We will soon be able to import any books.
Learners can choose texts that interest them AND receive real-time word mapping support!

The Spelling Piano app for tablets : Speech to Print - Linguistic and Visual Phonics designed for ALL neurotypes

- Speech Sound Monster Map and Drag - an online tool for children to use IPA-aligned fun characters to explore our Universal Written Code, and that gives adults a fast way to learn about the IPA and English orthography!

- Speech Sound Mapping Tool. Type your text and SEE the grapheme markers! Another world first, to make the written code VISIBLE.


I Can Read Without You (ICRWY) Lessons app: Includes the Speech Sound Word Mapping Tool PLUS Copy and Paste the text! 

- ICSWY Word Wings: thought-driven communication designed for non-speaking children who do not yet read and spell. #InnovateUKFunded
This technology also signifies a breakthrough in screening toddlers for dyslexia and will launch The Toddler Project - We Don't Wait.

Ortho-Graphix Phoneme Characters: Speech Sound Monsters
Accelerated Learning: Unlocking Potential for All Neurotypes

Finally learning to read and spell in a way that suits his brain's understanding, after not being able to read or spell by the end of primary school

1 in 4 children in England can't read 

Learning to 'follow the sounds to say the word' from left to right, top to bottom, in 'The Toddler Project: We Don't Wait'.

Growing Word Wings: Speech Sound Mapping

Growing Word Wings:
peech Sound Mapping

Building Confidence and Independence through Innovative Play-Based Speech and Phonemic Awareness Therapy. The Toddler Project: We Don't Wait.

The I Can Speak Without You (ICSWY) app, although initially designed for non-speaking children with the injection of Innovate UK grant funding, will be a cornerstone tool that reinforces and supports the overarching mission of The Toddler Project. Designed to complement our comprehensive approach to early childhood development, ICSWY extends the reach and impact of our initiatives, providing critical reinforcement and support for speech and phonemic awareness. Through its innovative features, the app empowers parents and caregivers, giving them the tools to effectively contribute to their child's communication and literacy journey, in alignment with the inclusive, proactive ethos of The Toddler Project.

*Communication device for non-speaking children
- Communicating My Way
*Speech and Phonemic Awareness Therapy
*Early Dyslexia Screening and Intervention
- The Toddler Project: We Don't Wait 
* Early Reading and Spelling

*Deeper understanding of learning differences
*Awareness of Orthographic Interference

Connect with us! 'I Can Speak Without You': Thought Driven Communication

Speech Sound Mapping: Growing Word Wings

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Speech Sound Monsters - Speech Sound Mapping with IPA aligned fun phoneme characters
Ortho-Graphix !
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